Email Distribution Lists

NB: this does not apply if you chose to stay with the Knight Frank email system.

If you select one of the distribution lists in the To: section of your Outlook you will see a plus sign next to it.

If you click on that plus sign it will expand the list and replace the list name with all the emails within that list and this will allow you to see who is in that list.

Below are the expanded Distribution Lists for Mack Hall staff.

Let’s say you want to email all admin staff you would simply type in the To: section of your mail client (Outlook).

NB this will only work if you have as your primary address. People outside of Mack Hall Real Estate or those staff with as their primary email address cannot email to these distribution lists.

If you want to check who is in the list there will be a plus sign (+) next to if you click on that it will expand the list. If the (+) does not appear you may have to click on the “Check Names” button in Outlook.

If for some reason, there is someone missing from the group please notify

Board of Advisors –

Administration –

Sales Executives –

Leasing Executives –

Applecross –

West Perth –

Claremont –

Marketing Team –

Entire Company –